Succubus Heaven Frequently Asked Questions

ZIP decompression does not work

If your Zip file uses the ZIP64 format, older decompression software may not decompress the file properly, please use Windows Vista or later Windows standard Explorer, 7-Zip, WinRAR, or other software that can decompress the file reliably.

Game does not work

If the game does not work, the following are possible reasons.

1. Possibly loading

If the game freezes after displaying the Unity logo, the game may be loading.
This game is currently on an older resource management system, which may cause a frozen behavior at startup. The time required depends on your environment, but please wait a while to see if it starts up.

Please open “Task Manager” from Ctrl+Alt+Delte and look at the memory of SuccubusHeaven.exe, if it changes, it is most likely not frozen.

2. overwrites previous data

If you overwrite the trial version or prior trial version, it may not work properly due to the old data. We also do not recommend transferring saved data from the trial version.

3. Video driver is not up-to-date

In some cases, the video driver has not been updated, causing the malfunction.
Please see if bringing your video driver up to date will not resolve this issue.

4. If you are running in a directory that is not writable

If you are in C:\Program Files or on media that is not writable, you will not be able to create save data or log files, and an error will occur.
Please move to a writable directory.

5. Change resolution once and restore

In some cases, changing the resolution to another resolution and then back to the original resolution seems to solve the problem. Please try changing the resolution by right-clicking on the desktop, clicking on “Display Settings”, and then clicking on “Display Resolution”.

6. Stop applications that may be affected

Applications that are running may be having an impact on the system. Please start Task Manager and check the running applications. Please be especially careful if you have special applications installed.

7. Temporarily stop anti-virus software

In rare cases, anti-virus software may be preventing an application from running. Please try temporarily stopping the anti-virus software.

8. Insufficient specifications

This may be a case of insufficient specifications of your computer.
Please check to see if your computer meets the operating environment.

9. if the problem persists

Please contact us via the bug report form or other means, along with the log file stored in SuccubusHeaven/Logs. In some cases, the game may be prevented from starting due to an environment-dependent bug on the game side.

I want to change the window size

Window size can be changed by bringing the cursor to the edge of the window, just as in a typical windows application. To reset the window size, use Window Size Reset (F3).

GPU utilization reaches 100%

If this occurs with sufficient specs, the rendering process may be running at an excessively high frame rate. Please check the FPS by pressing the F2 key while the game is running. (Generally, 60 FPS is sufficient.)

To change the frame rate, please go to the “Frame Rate” item under VIDEO in OPTION. Vertical Sync” to match the monitor refresh rate is best, but it may not function properly in some environments. In such cases, please specify a fixed FPS such as “60FPS”.

I want to see information about the benefits I have earned

By selecting the benefit icon on the pause screen, you can review the description.

Optional vertical synchronization is not working

For some reason it does not seem to work well in some environments. 60FPS or other fixed frame rates are available, so please use those.

What is the difference between “Start a new game” and “Start second playthrough”?

The “Start second playthrough” skips the opening and retains some lap event flags. However, in the current version, the number of circumnavigation events is so small that it makes little difference.

The game is too difficult to enjoy H content

For “those who are not good at games” or “those who want to enjoy H-content right away,” we have prepared a function to temporarily unlock the entire gallery. You can temporarily unlock the galleries by following the steps below.

1. start the game.
2. Press “F1” key to display debug console.
3. Click on the “Option” tab to switch
4. Click on “Temporarily unlock all H-scenes”
5. Press “F1” key to hide the debug console.

Because of the debugging function, the button can be pressed even in locked display, although it will not be reflected on the display until after a screen transition.

Can I get clear data?

We are sorry, but we do not offer a service to provide individual strategies or special data. However, we are not going to say anything about the distribution or transfer of saved data between users, so you can find what you are looking for if you look on your device.

When will the content of progress articles be reflected in the game?

If there is no official announcement, please assume that it is always undecided.

Can I video distribute my games?

Please refer to the Chaos Gate Video Policy.

I found illegal uploads (pirated copies) of games

If you report us from Form to request deletion of illegal uploads for customers, we will be able to remove the illegal uploads. DLsite is willing to respond to your request. However, please refrain from actively searching for pirated software, as there are many places where pirated copies are available, including malicious software.