Chaos Gate Video Policy

The following guidelines apply to the posting and live broadcasting of videos of games provided by Chaos Gate.

This guideline is an English translation of If the content differs before or after the translation, the original shall be considered correct.

Indicate copyright holder

When distributing videos please indicate the copyright holder.
However, this may be omitted when the copyright holder is clear, such as when a link to a sales site is clearly indicated in an affiliate program.

Example of Video Listing:
This game is distributed in accordance with the Chaos Gate Video Policy (

Prohibition of Postings that Significantly Damage Product Value

Please refrain from posting images or videos that cover H-scenes or H-motion, which would make it meaningless for users to buy the product. They are detrimental to the product value of the game.

No commercial or for-profit use

Please do not use the game works provided by Chaos Gate for commercial purposes.
However, use of affiliate programs provided by the platform or monetization functions for contributors provided by video sharing sites does not fall under the category of “commercial purposes”. If you receive an inquiry from the site, please inform them of these guidelines.

Prohibited submissions with inappropriate language

You are not permitted to use any game titles provided by Chaos Gate to create content that is illegal, discriminatory, defamatory, promotes criminal activity, or contains any other offensive videos. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate or objectionable at our discretion.

About Secondary Works

Individuals and unincorporated groups may create, exhibit, distribute, and publish derivative works based on Chaos Gate games for non-profit purposes only.
For secondary creative activities that exceed the criteria in this guideline, please contact us for individual support.