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This is the time when Succubus began to appear from within people

The battle between succubus and exorcist is becoming more and more fierce, triggered by the outpouring of miasma in the center of the continent.
The “Sanctuary”, a relic from before the disaster, has kept a dangerous equilibrium, but it is clear to everyone that this is a temporary peace.

An anomaly in the sanctuary was confirmed in the ruins on continental frontier

Three people, the witch Eleonora, the squire Sera, and the other witch Dorothy, took charge of the situation. There was no time to wait for more support.
In order to restart the stopped sanctuary as soon as possible, the three of them had to go into the dungeon where the miasma was spreading.

It is a grain of fate reflected in a small box garden. The only hope for people to find peace.
And the story you will lead――


Succubus Heaven Characters Nellie
Succubus Heaven Characters Sera
Succubus Heaven Characters Dorothy
Succubus Heaven Characters Elka
Succubus Heaven Characters Sylphy
Succubus Heaven Characters Arum
Succubus Heaven Characters Asphodel

Game System

Switch between the three heroines to fight

Succubus Heaven SampleA

Eleonora excels in weapon attacks and fire magic. Sera, who can do everything but sorcery. Dorothy is a sorceress who fights by transforming weapons into magic. You’ll have to use all three of them to get through the dungeon.

Resource management is the key to the battle

Succubus Heaven SampleB

The supplies available in the dungeon are limited. The key to victory is how to make the most of the weapons, magic, and consumables that gradually wear out.

Almost every enemy has a restraining H attack

Succubus Heaven SampleB

Succubus and their dependents squeeze the magic out of their prey through sexual attacks.
Inevitably, almost every enemy has a restraining H attack.

Product Information

Title Succubus Heaven
Genre Rogue Light 3D Action
OS Windows 7 or later (64bit)
CPU Supports SSE2 instruction set
Memory 8GB RAM or more
GPU A graphics card that supports DX10 (Shader Model 4.0)
HDD 4GB or more
Volume More than 13 enemy types with restraining H attacks * Excluding subspecies and traps
7 types of game over
2 to 3 hours of playing time per game * Individuals may vary until complete clearing
For specific examples, please see Succubus Haven Operation Report.
Production Chaos Gate
Developer KWT
Trailer music Angelic Dance(Angel of War収録)
アンラ・マンユ(稿屋 隆|DOVA-SYNDROME
Cast kokko
Closed tester うまのあれ