Succubus Heaven Online Manual

Game screen

Succubus Heaven Screenshot

A. Impurity Gauge

This is the amount of impurity you have accumulated. It increases with orgasm and other factors. If the impurity reaches the maximum level, you may lose your character.

B. Arousal Gauge

The amount of arousal accumulated. It is raised by the miasma and enemy sexual attacks. Some of the arousal that exceeds the limit will be stored as impurity.

C. Sensitivity

It is the sensitivity of each site, indicated by the initials “BCVA” for Bust, Clitoris, Vagina, and Anal. Sensitivity is vulnerable to sexual attacks on the corresponding site, and other disadvantages are added as the severity of the attack increases.

D. Inventory

This is a list of items you have in your inventory, each person can have up to 4 items. Inventory items that are equipped are highlighted in blue.

E. Details of equipped item

This is a detailed description of the item being equipped.

F. Attack power of equipped item

The attack power of the equipped item.

G. Benefits

These are the benefits (blessings/curses) that you have earned. You can reconfirm the benefit effect from the Pause menu.

H. Current Position

This is the current level and room name. The lower part shows the progress of the current level. During a battle, the current room will be shown in red, and if it is already overrun, it will be shown in blue.

I. Room Information

The number of enemies, treasure chests, and spawner in the current room.

J. Escape Gauge

This is an indicator of how long it takes to escape when you are held by an enemy. It will gradually decrease by resisting with button presses.

K. Stamina Gauge

This is the amount of resistance you need to resist the enemy’s restraints. It decreases as you resist by hitting the button repeatedly, but slowly recovers when you are not restrained. It will slowly recover when you are not restrained. When it drops or is depleted, it becomes difficult to resist restraints.

Operation Method

Succubus Haven is compatible with keyboard + mouse and major controller controls. Listed below are the controls in the default settings when using the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, keyboard & mouse.


Left Analog Stick Movement
Left Analog Stick Press Operation change (follow-up/point defense)
Right Analog Stick Viewpoint operation
Right Analog Stick Press Lock on / Lock off
Right Analog Stick (Long press) Camera reset
X Button Attack / Equipment item used
X Button (Long press) Special attack / Retry (When game is over)
A Button Cancel / Avoidance
Y Button Decision / Interact (Talk / Check / Pick up / Rescue)
Y Button (Long press) Exchange equipped item and drop item
B Button Put equipment items
B Button (Long press) Throw equipment item
Hudswitch Left Equip inventory the left Item
Hudswitch Up Equip inventory the up Item
Hudswitch Right Equip inventory the right Item
Hudswitch Down Equip inventory the down Item
LB / RB Operation character switching
LT / RT Zoom in / Zoom out
START Button Pause
BACK Button High Speed Skip
Left Analog Stick Press Gallery mode switching
Right Analog Stick Press Gallery display switching

Keyboard + Mouse

WASD Movement
Mouse operation Viewpoint operation
Mouse Left Button Attack / Equipment item used
Mouse Left Button (Long press) Special attack
Mouse Right Button Avoidance
Mouse Middle Button Lock on / Lock off
Mouse Middle Button (Long press) Camera reset
Mouse Wheel Up / Down Zoom in / Zoom out (Target switching when lock on)
Space Key Decision
Left Shift Key Cancel
E Interact (Conversation / Examination / Picking up / Rescue)
E (Long press) Exchange equipment items for fallen items
Q Put equipment items
Q (Long press) Throw equipment item
1 Equip inventory the left Item
2 Equip inventory the up Item
3 Equip inventory the right Item
4 Equip inventory the down Item
F / R Operation Character Switch
T Operation change (follow-up/point defense)
ESC Pause
Ctrl High Speed Skip
Z Gallery mode switching
X Gallery display switching

Fixed Key

F1 Debug console display switching
F2 FPS display switching
F3 Reset window size
F5 Reset game
F9 HUD non-display (function for shooting)
PrintScreen PrintScreen Take screenshot
Alt+Enter Switch to full screen

Game Basics


Succubus Heaven Screenshot
Succubus Heaven is a roguelite action game where you go room by room through a dungeon where you can’t go back and aim for the bottom level. There are things in the room that can be examined or picked up, and the corresponding actions can be performed by interacting with them (Y button / E key).


Succubus Heaven Screenshot
If there is an enemy in the room, it will be a battle, and you will basically attack (X button / left mouse click) or evade (A button / right mouse click) to get around.


Locking on to an enemy (right analog stick / middle mouse button) will make it easier to attack.

Special Attacks

Each character has a different special attack. Nellie has a flame enchantment attack. Sera has a powerful tame attack that can be used with either weapons or bare hands. Dorothy’s is a miasma convert that creates magic from miasma. Each of these has its own merits and demerits, so use them wisely depending on the situation.

Instructions to allies

Allies other than the player-controlled ones will fight automatically, but you can switch between the default “follow” and “defend” by issuing instructions (press left analog stick / T key).

Perfect Dodge

A “Perfect Dodge” is performed when an enemy attack is evaded with good timing.
When “Perfect Dodge” succeeds, the screen goes into slow motion for a moment, and the invincibility time by evasion is slightly extended.

Perfect Dodge Counter

When “Perfect Dodge” succeeds, a powerful counterattack called “Perfect Dodge Counter” can be performed by pressing the attack button during the staging. This powerful counterattack has few gaps and consumes few items, so if you can take advantage of it, you can gain the upper hand in the fight.
* The current version does not support Dorothy’s magic.

Opening locks

Succubus Heaven Screenshot
Locked treasure chests and doors can be unlocked by interacting with them (Y button / E key). It will take a certain amount of time to open the lock, and longer if you are in combat. If you are in a hurry, it will be faster to destroy it.

Miasma pollution

Succubus Heaven Screenshot
The miasma pollution is the amount of dirt that accumulates in the body. It increases with the accumulation of sexual pleasure beyond the limit and sexual climax, and can only be healed with rare holy water.

Miasma pollution over time

While fighting enemies, you will continue to take miasma damage over time.

Benefits of Magical Clothing

The “magic clothing” worn by the demons greatly reduces miasma damage, and also prevents sexual attacks from enemies. For this reason, many enemies will try to destroy the magic clothing first by attacking you physically.

Character Lost

Characters with high miasma pollution may go missing. These occur when moving from room to room, and are especially dangerous when running away from enemies.

Game Over

Succubus Heaven Screenshot
When all characters are out of combat, the game is over and the party’s final story are told. But, the sacrifices of these women are not in vain.

Gaining Benefits from Score

Once the game has run its course, you will earn a score based on your gameplay. Benefits are unlocked based on your accumulated score, and you can challenge the next game under more favorable conditions.

Select Benefits

Succubus Heaven Screenshot
Once you play the game to the end, whether game clear or game over, you will be able to select any benefit at the start of the game.

Score Rate

The score rate varies depending on the benefit selected at the beginning of the game.
The score rate affects the score at the game result, with blessings and other things that make the game easier decreasing the rate and curses that make the game harder increasing the rate.


Benefits that have a Pickup indicator when selecting a benefit can be selected at a more favorable score rate than normal.
Pickups change randomly each time a game result is reached, so don’t miss a good pickup if it comes along.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see this page for frequently asked questions about Succubus Heaven.