Low-tier Lewd Demon Tentacles Are Unpleasant, So I Used Sensory Deprivation Magic!


©低級ザコ淫魔の触手が不快なので感覚遮断魔法を展開しましたわっ!! | 調四季

Low-tier Lewd Demon Tentacles Are Unpleasant, So I Used Sensory Deprivation Magic! is an adult manga in which a high-level heroine is caught off guard by a “beginner dungeon” and her body is corrupted into a lewd mess before she even realizes it.

Story introduction

The heroine comes to a “beginner’s dungeon” to test out her newly developed magic, but on the way she gets stuck in a mysterious trap (pit).

She tries to get out by using muscle-strengthening magic, but when she is touched by a lecherous demon in the hole, she reflexively uses sensory deprivation magic. The magic she had just performed had drained her of a great deal of her magic power, and she decided to wait for her magic power to recover, but the person in the hole was actually a high-tier lewd demon.

Contrast between upper and lower body

In this work, while the upper half of her body is killing time in a carefree manner, the lower half of her body easily breaks through the divine blessings that she relies on. It is a work that focuses on the contrast between the crisis-free upper body and the devastation of the defenseless lower body.

After the sensory deprivation magic wears off, a rush of pleasure is expressed, which has something in common with time-stopping situations, but the situation as a whole is unique.
It’s a very different experience from the usual heroine tentacle humiliation stories. The test of whether or not you will enjoy this work is whether or not you find it attractive within the sample range.

Includes depictions of forced pseudo-excretion
There is a description of forced excretion of white jelly-like solids in this work.
This is not a direct scatological depiction, but please be careful if you are not comfortable with even pseudo-scatological depictions.


This time, I introduced “Low-tier Lewd Demon Tentacles Are Unpleasant, So I Used Sensory Deprivation Magic!” from Shirabeshiki.

I was surprised to see that the author, who has been drawing contemporary stories up to now, had suddenly created a fantasy story with a special situation.

However, when I thought about it a little bit, I realized that the situation where “the body is developed without the person’s noticing” is similar to the hypnosis series by the same circle, and although they seem to be different, I felt that the roots of their sexuality are connected.

Personally, I’m curious to see what happens to Alistair (heroine) after she’s been trained so well, However, it will be interesting to see if the author draws fantasy stories in the future, or if he draws contemporary stories.

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