Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies

Guilty Hell 白の女神と亡者の都

©Guilty Hell 白の女神と亡者の都 | KAIRI SOFT

Guilty Hell: White Goddess and the City of Zombies is an H-action game in which you take on the role of the white goddess “Airi” and fight an army of evil sorcerers and zombies in order to save the fairies who have been taken away.

A goddess who is quick and strong, but weak to strike

This is an action game with exploration elements. In order to recover the fairies that were taken away from her, the goddess Airi must follow the trail of the evil sorceress VIVI while defeating deformed enemies.

Airi’s abilities are high, and from the start she can move at high speeds and even jump three steps. By connecting combos, most enemies can be shut-out. However, as pointed out in the work, the newly awakened goddess is not at full strength.

If she is caught off guard for a moment, even if she is a small foe, her movements will be blocked and she will be tortured unilaterally. The damage received is heavy, and since other attacks hit her while she is restrained, her HP may be reduced all at once in some cases.

The difficulty of the game can be mitigated by leveling up, parameter distribution, and equipment, but the balance will not be such that avoidance is unnecessary. So those who are unsure if they can conquer the game should check the trial version.

Large volume of H animations

In this work, the enemies restrain you and do H things to you seamlessly, but in terms of flavor, I felt that there were many special foreplay-type situations, such as energy draining from “licking” and “sucking”.

I felt that there was not much coreplay among the enemies in the early stages of the game, but it increases after the midpoint of the game. Besides zombie-like creatures, there is also lesbian rape from female-type enemies, and mild Ryona.
There are many animations without finishes, but each enemy often has multiple restraints, bringing the total number of restraints to quite a few.

How to Earn Gold

After clearing the game, you will be able to summon and fight enemies freely in a room called the “Training Area”, but you will need gold to unlock enemies in the training area.
This was surprisingly difficult to accumulate, so I equipped myself with the “Ring of Wealth” and spent about an hour in “Castle Town Heidel” destroying things.

However, since this method is a bit of work, it might be more fulfilling to earn gold naturally while searching for hidden elements or playing the second week of the game.

Gunslinger Costume (DLC)

You can also change Airi into a gun costume by installing the Gunslinger Costume: Large Capacity DLC. To obtain the costume, you will need to clear the “Hall of Trials” after installing the DLC, which is quite difficult and a point where you may easily get stuck.

Therefore, if you are stuck, feel free to refer to theofficial strategy wiki. If you still have difficulties, you may want to aim for the relief of the enemy HP drop that occurs after 10, 20, or 30 consecutive defeats.


My playing time was about 6 hours to clear the story, playing while moderately losing to enemies, and about 7 hours to complete the full game. There are a few events that are difficult to discover, but you can follow them on the official strategy wiki, so if you are having trouble, it is a good idea to refer to it.

Some people may be concerned about the slightly higher price, but if the realistic characters and the H-oriented nature of this work match your taste, you will be able to fully enjoy the volume of the game, which is more than worth the price.

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