ALIEN QUEST EVE is a cross-dressing action game in which you play a female agent who infiltrates an aliens nest to complete her mission.

Exploratory Action with a Twist

This is a Metroidvania-style exploration action game.
You’ll have to use your magic stick weapon to destroy the horrible monsters and explore the area to achieve your ultimate goal of completing the mission.

Items are acquired by exploring the facility. You can expand the scope of your exploration by increasing the number of key items and actions. The placement of hidden passageways and the game’s balance make you want to explore carefully, which is a perfect balance.

You can also ignore many of the enemies and move on, but the boss battles will test your skills. The bosses are weaker in the beginning, but the difficulty increases as you move into the latter half of the game.
However, this can be compensated for by leveling up, gaining abilities, and using items, so the game is generally easy to play.

Interspecies rape and lesbian rape

The H-factor is a seamless restraint H when down, or a trapped victim woman. In some cases, there are alien males and females trying to procreate.
There are many grotesque enemies, but the flavor itself is interspecies rape and lesbianism. There are no hard elements, and ladies and gentlemen who enjoy general humiliation will be able to enjoy it without worry.

In the gallery, you can view the H-animations side by side and take your time.
I think the additional condition is “view H-animations”. All of them are also unlocked when you reach the ending. * For some reason, the facehugger is not added to the gallery.


This title was distributed for free at one time, but now the free distribution has stopped. It seems to have been shifted to paid sales. As I wrote in the text, I recommend it because it has few quirks and is easy to get into, both as a metroidvania and as a Interspecies rape of humiliation game.

No trial version

There is no trial version of this game, so there is no way to check how it works. The link to v0.13, which was distributed on the official website, is no longer available, so you may need to be a little more adventurous when purchasing the game.
There is no need to worry about the quality of the game, but you might want to be careful with special operating environments or low specs.

About game difficulty

This is an action game with a moderate level of difficulty, but there are level ups, parameters, and recovery items with no restrictions on availability, so you can force your way through the game.
If you ignore the risk of losing the maximum amount of hp, you can still use “RESURRECT” to zombies attack, so even if you’re not good at it, you can still clear the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play in non-Windows environments?

It is for Windows only.

I can’t High Jump

After getting High Jump, you can do it by pressing the “A key” while holding down the “Up key” on the keyboard.

When can I use something called RESURRECT?

It can be used by selecting “RESURRECT” when you fall down with 0 HP.You can revive on the spot, but each time you use it, your maximum HP is permanently reduced.
It will not drop below 1 HP, but it is recommended to basically seal it off, as its heavy use will ruin the game.

Cannot beat the last boss

It takes some ingenuity to win the game without getting hit by bullets, but it is also effective to use recovery items while pushing hard. 100 items are enough, so if you don’t have enough, you may want to stockpile recovery items while leveling up.

Since you cannot save after defeating the last boss, unlocking RESURRECT is another option.

Below are some strategy tips for the last boss battle.

【Phase 1】
– When the enemy shield is deployed, invite attacks and avoid guided missiles twice.
– When the enemy shield is deployed, you can slide under it.
– When unshielded, you are vulnerable to counterattacks.
– If you want to reduce the risk when unshielded, attack with a gravity orb. However, I felt that the efficiency was not good.

【Phase 2】
– Almost the same as the first stage.
– Laser can be avoided if you avoid the target by moving upward. But you need to be a little more technical. If you keep your distance, you can avoid continuous hits.

Failure to Escape

After the destruction, use a high jump or other means to escape upward.
From there, it is important to take the route, so stay calm and look at the map to decide. Of course, you cannot use teleporters. Then, go through all the enemies while putting up a shield.

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