Shoujo Senki Soul Eater


©少女戦機ソウルイーター | ルネソフト

Shoujo Senki Soul Eater is an adventure game about a vengeful shape-shifting heroine and her battle against the Chimera, a criminal organization of monsters.

Rape of a transformed heroine with a heavy setting

The protagonist, Ryusuke Fujiwara, escapes from the criminal organization, Chimera, by stealing a new weapon, and meets a girl, Mei Enjo, whose family was stolen by Chimera. Ryusuke is finally hunted down by the Chimera executives, but he believes the girl who reveals her desire for revenge and entrusts her with the new weapon “Ruin Arms” at the cost of his own life.

In this work, the hero is a man and the heroine fights. However, there are many scenes where the hero fights armed, and I liked the fact that the heroine is not left to her own devices. The heroine’s desperate act of revenge is well suited to the heavy setting, and adds a lewd touch to the tragic end of the story.

The H scene is in a transformed state

The game is made to be a “choice -> instant BADEND” game, and choosing the wrong choice will almost always lead you straight to the bad end.
Also, I personally enjoyed the fact that the choices were made in such a way that it was moderately difficult to know the correct answer, but there were also enough hints to leave room for guessing.

The sex scenes are mainly hedonistic in nature. Even in painful situations, there are aphrodisiacs and drugs, and even death-defying acts are kept alive with the help of a transformation device.
The H-scenes are basically in a state of transformation. The humiliators are beastmen, tentacles, and other heterosexuals, but there are also elements of lesbian and bisexual humiliation.


This title was released in 2006, and it is hard to shake off the impression that the GUI and screen resolution are prehistoric. However, I was able to fully enjoy this game, which is not common these days, because of its heavy setting, rape of a transformed heroine, and interesting storyline that takes two or three turns.

At the time, it was sold at full price, but later became a cheaper version, and now it is frequently half price in major sales. If it fits your taste, you may want to try to buy it when it’s cheap.

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