Succubus Heaven UserData Manual


About User Data

User data is a feature that allows users to freely modify Succubus Heaven’s internal data. This function is practically “game modification” and is therefore located in the end content.
If you have not yet played the game enough, you may not want to use it.

How to use user data

1. from Succubus Heaven Support Page Download
2. Unzip
3. Place the UserData folder in the same folder as SuccubusHeaven.exe

If the UserData folder is placed, the game will preferentially use the user data.

Cautions for using user data

User data can be modified in a wide range of ways, and save data can be rewritten if events are modified. Since it is possible to unintentionally corrupt save data, please take care to back up your data before use.

About User Data Support

We are basically unable to provide support for the use of user data due to its wide-ranging and complex nature. Please be aware of this beforehand.

Distribution of User Data

You may freely distribute your user data.
If you do not have a specific place to distribute your user data, please use the Succubus Heaven user data channel on the official Discord server.

However, please note that distribution of user data with the game itself attached is considered illegal secondary distribution.

User Data Reference

This section contains an explanation of each parameter of the user data.
Please use this page as a reference, for example, to search the page for parameters you do not understand.

Recommendations for using debug logs

You can check the debug log by pressing the F1 key when the game is running.
If an error occurs when using user data, the error log may help identify the cause.

File Structure

The file structure of the user data.
If the file itself does not exist, the default data in the game data will be used.

AttackData.xml Attack data.
Benefits.xml Benefits data.
CharacterData.xml Character data.
DungeonData.xml Dungeon data.
EnchantData.xml Enchantment data.
FloorData.xml Floor datav
ItemData.xml Item data.
Jail.xml Jail data.
RoomData.xml Room data.
Training.xml Training data.
TreasureData.xml Treasure data.
English English Text Data.
Japanese Japanese Text Data.
SimplifiedChinese Simplified Chinese Text Datatd.
TraditionalChinese Traditional Chinese Text Data.
UserData/Event (event-related) is currently omitted due to the complexity of explaining event scripts.

Attack Data (AttackData.xml)

This file defines the attack data and other information for each character.

ItemId Item index number to which attack information is applied.
-1 Equipped item
0 or more Character-specific item index number.
Time Effective time of hit detection.
PhysicsPowerRate Physical correction.
FlamePowerRate Flame compensation.
ElectricPowerRate Lightning correction.
PoisonPowerRate Poison correction.
ShieldPowerRate Shield correction.
ImpactRate Impact Force Compensation.
Infinite at -1.
StaminaRate Stamina damage rate.
MaxStamina Maximum stamina damage.
Miasma Miasma damage.
Ecstasy Sexual damage.
EcstasyRate Sexual Damage rate
Percentage of current sexuality.
Bust Bust damage.
Clitoris Clitoris damage.
Anal Anal damage.
Vagina Vaginal damage.
Impurity Impurity damage.
ImpurityRate Impurity damage rate
as a percentage of current Impurity.
IntravaginalSemen Increased semen volume into vagina.
IntestinalSemen Semen increase to anus.
Trail Sword line display.
HitstopTime Hit-stop time.
HitstopRate Percentage of time elapsed during hit stop.
KnockbackPriority Knockback priority.
KnockbackForce Knockback power.
KnockbackTime Knockback time.
IsDown Whether the attack can down the target.
IsDownWhenDead Attacks that can bring down the target of death.
IsForcedDown Attacks that force the target to go down.
HitType Classification of Hit Judgment
EnemyAll: Only hits the enemy.
SelfAll: Only hits self.
Friend: Only hits an ally.
EnemyStand: Only hits a standing enemy.
SelfStand: Only hits standing self.
AllOtherThanSelf: Hit everything but self.
All: Strikes everything.
AllStand: hits everything standing.
AllStandOtherThanSelf: Strike all standing opponents except self.
HitEffectId hit effect ID.
SpawnRestrainter ID of character to be generated on hit.
SpawnRestrainterAttackId ID of the attack that the generated character will perform on the target.
Category Attack Classification
Normal Normal
Special Special
Throw Throw
IgnorePoison Disables poison damage.
IgnoreJustDodge Ignores just evasion judgments.
All Damage animation: All states.
Full Damage animation: full magical robe.
UpperBody Damage animation: Breasts exposed.
LowerBody Damage animation: lower half of the body exposed.
Nude Damage animation: full nudity.
Rate Damage animation: Probability.
Bind Damage animation: Restraint animation.
BindTime Damage animation: duration of restraint animation.
Finish Damage animation: Finish move.
LowBind Damage Animation: Weak Restraints
Restraints that are released by other restraint attacks or damage.
RandomStartTime Damage Animation: Maximum time of start time random
No random if less than 0
State Damage Animation: Transition condition depending on the target character’s “Body Condition.
Normal Normal (same as none specified)
StandEcstasy Standing and about to climax.
StandEcstasyImpurityHeavy Severely contaminated and likely to climax while standing.
Stun During stun (stun = inability to act while standing = masturbation, etc.)
StunImpurityHeavy Stunned by heavy Impurity.
StunEcstasy I’m going to climax during the stun.
StunEcstasyImpurityHeavy Severely contaminated and likely to climax during stun.
ConstrainedEcstasy I’m going to climax while restrained.
ConstrainedEcstasyImpurityHeavy Severely contaminated and likely to climax while restrained.
DownEcstasy I’m going to climax while I’m down.
DownEcstasyImpurityHeavy Severely contaminated and likely to climax with a collapse.
FeelGood Pleasant (more than 50% sexual)
FeelGoodImpurityHeavy Feels good with heavy Impurity (more than 50% sexual)

Benefits data (Benefits.xml)

This file defines the parameters of each benefit (blessing/curse)

AttackPowerRate Attack power modification.
MagicPowerRate Magic attack power modifier.
NormalAttackPowerRate Normal attack power modifier.
SpecialAttackPowerRate Special attack power modifier.
ThrowingAttackPowerRate Throwing attack power modifier.
PowerUpRateWhenLonely Lonely enhancement modifier.
BareHandsAttackPowerRateInProportionToFreeInventory Bare hand attack power modifier proportional to inventory free.
DamageRate Damage modifier.
ImpactDamageRate Impact damage modifier.
PoisonDamageRate Poison damage modifier.
ImpurityRecoveryRate Poison Recovery modifier.
ImpurityDamageRate Impurity Damage modifier.
ImpurityDamageRateWhenVirgin Impurity damage modifier when virgin.
EcstasyDamageRateWhenVirgin Virginity damage modifier.
MiasmaDamageRate Miasma damage modifier.
ItemConsumptionRate Rate value of item consumption.
ExplosionRateWhenBreakItems Explosion modifier when items are destroyed.
AutoThrowItemRateWhenAttack Auto item throw modifier when attacking.
TreasureLuckRateWeapon Weapons luck.
TreasureLuckRatePotion Potion luck.
TreasureLuckRateOddStone Odd stones luck.
TreasureLuckRateDust Dust luck.
TreasureLuckRate Chest luck.
RoomRiskRate Room Risk modification value.
ItemDropRate Corrected value of probability of possession of enemy items.
AddUsageCountNewPotionRate Modified value of the probability of increasing the number of times newly obtained water pills are used.
FriendMaxHpRate Allied maximum HP modifier.
RecoveryHpWhenRoomChange HP recovery when moving to a room.
RecoveryStaminaRateInBattle Modified value of stamina recovery during battle.
RepairItemWhenRoomChange Item repair value when moving to a room.
EnemyTrackingRate Enemy tracking modifier.
CanNotAvoid Unavoidable.
ClitorisMaxSensitivity Maximum pubic sensitivity.
VaginalMaxSensitivity Maximum vaginal sensitivity.
AutoBattle Auto Combat.
FireEnchant automatic flame enchantment.
BonusBenefits Benefit Bonus.
LostVirginGuard Prevents loss of virginity once and explodes
String is the name of the benefit to be removed upon activation.
AllowFriendlyFire Friendly fire allowed.
AlwaysNaked Always naked.
CanNotPutItems Cannot place items.
MagicForbidden Prohibits the use of magic.
UnknowItemsNameAndDescription Item name and effect will be unknown.
IgnoreBenefits Benefit nullification.
CanNotPrayAltar Cannot pray at the altar.
CanNotThrowItems Cannot discard items.
EcstasyDamageShared Sexual damage shared among allies.
PhysicalDamageConvertedEcstasyDamage Physical damage is accompanied by sexual damage.
ExcludedCharacters Excluded characters.
AddCurseWhenDownStairs Curse added every time you go down the stairs.
RandomSelectBenefits Random draw for benefits at the start of the game.

Character Data (CharacterData.xml)

This file defines the parameters of each character.

MaxHp Maximum HP, magic clothing for allies.
Hp Current HP.
RecoveryHpRate Percentage of HP recovered after returning from down.
MaxStamina Maximum Stamina.
Stamina Current Stamina.
MaxPoison Maximum Poison Tolerance, if max.
MaxTough Maximum toughness, resistance to fright.
UnlockingPower ability to open locks.
MaxEcstasy maximum sexual tolerance.
Impurity current pollution (maximum pollution is fixed at 1000)
Throwing throwing power.
DownTime Recovery time when down.
Bust Breast.
Clitoris Clitoris.
Vagina Vagina.
Anal Anal.
Sensitivity Current Sensitivity.
MaxSensitivity Maximum Sensitivity.
Pregnancy Not used.
Hymen Has virgin membrane.
IsPartyOn Being in a party.
AIParamater Parameters related to AI behavior.
BestAttackTypes AI: Good at attacking (actively tries to use)
BadAttackTypes AI: Unskilled attack type (does not try to use)
EnemySearchDistance AI: Enemy detection distance.
EnemyPriorityTargetRange AI: Range of priority enemy targets.
DistanceMin AI: Minimum distance.
DistanceMax AI: Maximum distance.
Angle AI: Angle.
EnemyTrend Enemy Type.

Dungeon Data (DungeonData.xml)

Dungeon configuration data definition file.

Opening Dungeon data for opening.
Story Dungeon data for story.
GameOver Dungeon data for game over.
EventDemo Dungeon data for event demo.
Floors Definition of hierarchy.
FloorSize Floor size.
Id Specify Floor ID defined in FloorData.
FixedRooms Definition of fixed rooms, rooms not set here are lottery from normal rooms.
Block Fixed Rooms: Number of blocks in which rooms appear.
RoomId Fixed Rooms: Specify the ID of the room, ID defined in RoomData.
Tags Fixed Rooms: Specify by room tag, rooms corresponding to the tag defined in RoomData are lottery from the rooms.
Rate Fixed Rooms: Lottery probability, if multiple rooms are specified in the same block, they will be drawn with this probability.
EnemyTrends Types of enemies that appear in the hierarchy.

Enchant Data (EnchantData.xml)

Definition file for enchant data.

None No enchantment.
Fire Flame Enchantment.
ChargeMagic For displaying magic pooling state & effects.
ConvertFlamePowerRate Percentage of attack power converted to flame damage.
Damage Amount of damage regularly dealt to items during enchantment.

Floor Data (FloorData.xml)

Definition file for hierarchical data.

NameId Floor Name ID.
RoomTrend Room type.
RiskRate Risk multiplier.
TrapDoorRate Door generation probability? Might not be used.
Trainers Sexual trainers. Reflecte in development progress of missing friend.
Music Default song ID for floor.
GameOverRoomId Game over ID.

Item Data (ItemData.xml)

Item data definition file.

IconName Icon Name ID.
InteractIcon Interact Suggested Icon.
UnknowItemId ID for item name and item description when unknown.
MinUsageCount Minimum number of uses.
MaxUsageCount Maximum number of uses.
MinDurability Minimum durability.
MaxDurability Maximum durability.
MaxStamina Weapon Performance: Maximum Stamina Damage Correction Value.
Impurity Weapon Performance: Pollution Damage Correction Value.
ImpurityRate Weapon Performance: Percentage Pollution Damage Correction.
PhysicsPower Weapon Performance: Physical Damage Correction Value.
Impact Weapon Performance: Corrected for Impact Damage.
AttackType Attack Type.
Rarity Rarity (Dust, Common, Rare, Legend, Unique without specification)
HideAttackParameter Hide attack parameters.

Jail Data (Jail.xml)

This is the definition file of jail data.
When a missing ally is placed in a jail, this data is used to determine which additional enemies will appear there and which raper.

EnemyTrends Type of enemy to be placed.
RiskMin Minimum Risk.
RiskMax Maximum Risk.
Raper Designation of the rapist and restraining attack.

Room Data (RoomData.xml)

Definition file of room data.

NameId Room Name ID.
RoomTrend Room Type.
Tags Room Tag.
RiskMin Minimum Risk.
RiskMax Maximum Risk.
Music Room-specific music, preferred over floor.
ClearPursuers Clear tracker on room entry.
GameOverRoomId Room-specific game over ID, priority over tier.
LostItemDiscoveryRate Correction value for lost item placement probability.
LostItemDiscoveryNumber Maximum number of lost item placement.
EnemyTrends The type of enemies that appear in that room, which takes precedence over the dungeon data.

Training Data (Training.xml)

This file defines the content of training for the missing ally. Training is executed at each room transition.

Bust Increased breast sensitivity.
Clitoris Increased clitoris sensitivity.
Vagina Increased vaginal sensitivity.
Anal Increased anal sensitivity.
IntravaginalSemen Increased vaginal ejaculation.
IntestinalSemen Increased anal ejaculation.

Treasure Data (TreasureData.xml)

Definition file for the contents of treasure chests, tars, coffins, eggs, etc.

TreasureTrend Types of Treasures.
TreasureRank Ranks of Treasures.
Rarity Rarity of items in treasure.
Capacity Number of items in treasure.